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Classical & Meditation Programs

Programs for:
Retreat Centers, Memorial Services, University Classes
Women's Groups & Other Settings

Margot is available for a broad variety of program settings.

She has given her programs many times in these locations:

Email her at celebration@dilmaghani.com

to inquire programs for:

Meditative settings: Retreats, private memorials, meditation centers,

Conferences: Spirituality Conferences, Environmental Conferences,

Women's Conferences

University programs: Women's Studies, Environmental Studies,

Music History or Music Appreciation

Women's Associations: church groups, Civic groups, etc.

Art Centers, Private Home events.

Programs available:
Women's Studies / Social Groups
University Classes, Retreat Centers, Memorial Services
Conferences Groups, Private Occasions and other settings
Past Event
Past Event
Past Event
  Past Event

founded in the year 2000

offers Classical music CDs benefitting grass-roots organizations addressing global crises.
We're glad for your support of this music activism!

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