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Recent comments about Recitals and CD's

Never have I heard anything that so touched my heart.

Your music is all love. You love every note and give it the respect it deserves.


"Gardens of the Heart" named "Disc-Covery of the week"

(National Public Radio Station)

"THANK YOU for your spirit lifting program today. What a special treat!!"
F.B., Women's Association Program Chair,Katonah Presbyterian Church,
Katonah, NY

"Without a doubt, your performance on Friday evening directly contributed to the event's overall success. Aside from all the comments about your brilliant performance, everyone treasured your warmth and graciousness."
J.D, Conference Coordinator, Women's Studies Program, Southern Connecticut State University

"A profoundly meaningful experience"
After a year of Trauma ... a meditation with words and music at
First Church, Congregational, Cambridge, MA

"Your Talent and Artistry are superb - it will be a long time before that piano sings with comparable sounds... We'd be most interested in hosting another recital."
Library Director, Truro Public Library, Truro, MA

"Your performance today was wonderful. The playing was expressive, technically excellent and beautiful. I would be delighted if you could perform again next year for
Women's History Month."

K. R., Chair, Women's History Month Programs, Columbia University, NYC

"Thank you, Margot, for sharing your gift of music.
We were all blessed tonight. I feel transformed by the meditation"

L.H., prayer group, Congregational Church, Westport, CT

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, Inc., "Your heartfelt work to benefit us based on your belief that we need to change the world is uplifting. The recital (at Ryder Farm, Putnam, New York) was so wonderful."
S. J. Executive Director, NOFA-NY

"Vous interpretez si bien les etudes de ma tante, avec beaucoup de sensibilite et de comprehension. Et je vous felicite d'voir fait le CD."
S. B., Paris, France

"I am in the process of getting your wonderful new CD ("Gardens of the Heart") into the WDAV music library computer so I may program from it. We will be doing a special focus on women composers and musicians during March. But, we'll be using this CD all throughout the year!"
T.D, Music Director WDAV-FM (National Public Radio)

"I enjoyed all your music and the rags were delightful and musical. You are only the second person to have recorded most of these rags. I love your interpretations of "Fire Fly."
N.H. researcher, publisher, performer of Rags and Cakewalks by Women

"It's all VERY interesting music and played with wonderful spirit and understanding.
I especially LOVE the first Tailleferre!"

D.G.R. Composer

"You have touched my heart"
attendee at a recital in Queens, NY

"I just listened to your beautiful "Celebration!" CD and relived your piano recital. You play with such sensitivity and expression."
M. D., Women's Guild Program Chair, Church in Bayside, NY

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