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Compact Disk Release

featuring Classical Etudes, Preludes
& Baroque Pieces

Listener Comments

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Celebration Recordings released the classical piano CD, Celebration! with Contemporary Preludes, Classical Etudes and Baroque Dances by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee, Gladys Herbekian, Alicia Terzian and Koharik Gazarossian. Margot Dilmaghani of Purchase, NY, researched and recorded the music.

A life-long musician, Margot Dilmaghani graduated from Northwestern University's School of Music with a performing degree in Harp. For years, she has specialized in researching women's music for harp and piano recitals. Always lyrical and often profound, even the briefest compositions evoke a wide pallet of emotions when offered to "salon" audiences.

Margot Dilmaghani recently searched out women composers of classical piano sharing her Armenian heritage. Her dream was to link creative works of Armenian women with a project benefiting women in Armenia today. When she heard about the long-held hope of publishing classic women's health book in Armenian, Our Bodies Ourselves it became a shared dream and
Celebration! took form.
Celebration! successfully raised funds for the printing of the 2nd edition of the Armenian Our Bodies Ourselves.

Celebration! is now available with a donation to any of the organizations listed on the order page.

Thank you for your participation!


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founded in the year 2000

offers Classical music CDs benefitting grass-roots organizations addressing global crises.
We're glad for your support of this music activism!

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