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Gardens of the Heart
Compact Disk Release
featuring Classical Piano Solos
composed by Women about Nature

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Gardens of the Heart is the second in a series of benefit CD's produced by Celebration Recordings and recorded at Clinton Recording Studios, NY.NY.

Celebration!, the first CD in the series, raised funds for the publication of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective's Our Bodies Ourselves in Armenia. It includes Preludes, Etudes and Baroque Dances by Armenian women composers of piano solos. The music was researched and recorded by pianist, Margot Dilmaghani, who holds a performance degree in harp from the Northwestern University School of Music.

"Celebration!" and "Gardens of the Heart" are playing on National Public Radio stations across the country.

Now both CD's benefit the organization you choose from the order page on this website.

Gardens of the Heart a CD featuring Classical and Ragtime solo piano music about Nature and composed by women, was researched and performed by pianist, Margot Dilmaghani. It includes Nocturnes, Etudes and lyrical pieces about flowers, gardens, the Earth and sky.

In a recent interview, Margot described, "My love for the Earth and enduring interest in environmental concerns grew out of an early childhood in America's heartland, the Farm Belt. There, the rich, dark soil remains of ancient glacier deposits, the abundant wildlife in grassy fields, the backyard gardens and orchards augmented my intrinsic bond with life's basic rhythms and Nature's beauty.Born with "perfect pitch" a rare musical gift identifying all sound as musical, I began piano lessons at age 3 and gave recitals soon after, continuing to play all my life.

"The first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, I was asked to play a selection from my Senior harp recital, "Introduction and Allegro" - a chamber music composition by Maurice Ravel, at Northwestern University's chapel. A time of enormous turmoil on college campuses, it provided an Epiphany, illuminating the unique connection fine art provides between the Eternal and the material, the enduring and the ephemeral. Since then, I have combined my piano and harp music with environmental efforts satisfying my musical soul and activist heart. Further study in the broader dimensions of the musical experience reinforces my appreciation for music's access to Divine mystery.


Gardens of the Heart
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