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Raise funds for International Dark-Sky Association - Classical Piano Solos of Beauty & Joy


Margot Dilmaghani of New York, a life-long Classical musician and environmental activist, has offered her solo piano CDs and her harp CD to help raise funds for IDA.

Her two CDs featured here and others on her website’s order page are available to IDA donors with a minimum contribution of $100.00 per CD.

All costs for the CDs were underwritten, so IDA receives your entire donation. Your check is made payable to IDA and sent to Celebration Recordings, as described on the order page, linked below.

All the CDs play on National Public
Radio stations around the country. They sell in independent stores and on the internet.

The CDs make wonderful gifts with a purpose and are lovely for any occasion.

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founded in the year 2000

offers Classical music CDs benefitting grass-roots organizations addressing global crises.
We're glad for your support of this music activism!

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