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Music Activism

Celebration Recordings, founded in the year 2000, was created for my solo Classical music activism with CDs.  They benefit grass roots not-for-profit organizations working for the environment, women’s health or  peace.  “Celebration”( the recording label and my first CD) reflects my feelings for the gift of life and the joy of music.  

The CDs were professionally recorded, edited and mastered beginning with studios in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC and SUNY Purchase’s recital hall.  The first five were printed and packaged and shrink wrapped in jewel cases.  The rest are in “green packages.”   

All costs for the CDs’ production, dispersal and mailing are underwritten.  Donation checks are written directly to the benefitting organization. The CD images are on those not-for-profit websites linking to an order form.  Originally, individual CDs were sent to donors contributing a minimum of $25./CD.  That increased in 2015 to $100.

Until 2010, I also personally marketed the CDs by contacting independent book stores, gift shops and health food stores country wide. The CDs sold in 33 states in over 300 locations.  Stores paid $10/CD wholesale and their checks were made out to the not-for-profit. Each CD carried the label: “ $10. of the sale of this CD benefits (the not-for-profit's name).”

To date, the CDs raised over $100,000. The vast majority of funds came from $25 contributions and the stores who repeatedly reordered the CDs wholesale.

I have enjoyed personal contact with the founders and/or executive directors of these grass-roots organizations.

Not-for-profit organizations which have benefitted from the CDs include (among others):

  • Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS).org - for publication of a translation of the book in Armenia.
  • CD Celebration!
  • Celebration!   Featuring Armenian women composers
  • $13,875.
  • CD activist connection completed.
  • If Americans Knew.org
  • CD Classical Piano Solos of Beauty and Joy
  • Classical Piano Solos of Beauty and Joy
  • $10,200.
  • CD activist connection completed.
  • Have Justice Will Travel.org
  • CD Listen to the Ladies !
  • Listen to the Ladies !  Four Centuries of Music Composed by Women
  • $15,450.
  • CD activist connection completed.
  • Madre.org - Protecting women's rights in war-torn countries.
  • CD Wings
  • Wings  Classical Piano Solos of the Romantic Period
  • $3,525.
  • CD activist connection completed.

See order page for other current beneficiaries.

Another half dozen organizations continue to benefit from CD sales.

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