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Women Composers

Showcasing Women Composers of lovely Classical Music and some fun Ragtime pieces.
Music by Armenian women, American, French, Argentinian and Austrian composers among others.

Three of my CDs feature music composed by women:
Celebration!, Gardens of the Heart and Listen to the Ladies!

Each of the other CDs has a number of lovely selections composed by women along with familiar and favorite Classical composers.

Some names are familiar such as Clara Schumann and Lili Boulanger, the first woman to win the Prix de Rome composition prize. Others were well known in their own time, such as Maria Szymanowska, who was the musician to the Czar of Russia. Chopin attended her recitals in Poland. Koharik Gazarossian was born in Constantinople. She studied at the Paris Conservatory and incorporated the ancient liturgical Armenian chants and Armenian village songs into her Preludes, styled after the Etudes of Chopin. I enjoyed the study of these very complex and fascinating pieces.

The Rags and Cake Walks were written largely by Mid-West American women who studied Classical piano during The Golden Age of Rag from 1890 - 1920. Often, they would play their compositions at stores where the music was sold.

Research to find compositions I wished to record took me to university libraries, independent publishers, and the Library for the Performing Arts. It was a delightful treasure hunt and I hope you enjoy the selections by these very talented women!